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    An open platform to register for high-quality events, fostering connections, learning, and unique experiences. We offer cloud ticketing services and exhibition technologies to organizations, enhancing their curation efficiency and brand value.
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    Invos Data

    InvosData is a platform dedicated to providing customer management solutions. Based on these insights, they can devise focused marketing strategies. InvosData ensures that businesses make effective decisions in a rapidly changing market through AI and real-time data observation.
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    E-commerce platform for retail brands. And also supply marketing analysis, digital media resources for OMO business operations. Our marketing strategies, connect brands with consumer demands, and create an OMO friendly method for memberships and cross-platform services.
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    The brand agency excels in brand planning. MOVEMENTS DESIGN fuse brand communications, design, management, and innovation to foster competition. Our mastery spans marketing, event coordination, and trend-driven communications.
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    The knowledge sharing company for e-commerce industries in Taiwan.Specializing in digital marketing courses such as Google series, LINE series, and more. Our goal is to contribute to Taiwan's e-commerce industry by providing effective, engaging, and practical courses, nurturing professionals in the field.
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    LOCUS specialize in location-based services, and combine with advertisement strategy. Our launch included AdLocus mobile ads, GetLocus customer analysis, and AiLocus data apps. We grasping customer insights and plan varied solutions for clients.